Are you planning to travel anytime soon to visit your friends, family, or loved ones? Or are you looking forward to an adventurous road trip? Plenty of us are planning to travel during the holidays. Whether you are deciding to have a long road trip to meet your near and dear ones or planning to have a long adventurous trip with your car, ensure that your car is all set for a long ride.

Below are 5 tips that will help you prepare your car for a long road trip:

Check for the fluid levels of your car

The very first thing you need to keep in mind to ensure that your car is ready is to examine the fluid levels of your car. Check for the engine oil, transmission fluid, gasoline, radiator coolant, brake fluid, windshield fluid, and power steering fluid. This will ensure that your car does not run out of any essential fluids while you enjoy your drive.

Check the battery of your car

A road trip will surely not be fun if your car doesn’t start or if it stops somewhere abruptly. You can conveniently check the battery of your car by performing this simple test: switch on the headlights of your car before you start the engine. Then switch to your engine. If you see that the lights are getting brighter as the engine is running, car’s battery is probably dying. If you are not sure about the results, visit any automotive clinic store and get the battery voltage checked. Also, check that the battery terminals are corrosion free and the positive and negative leads are tight.

Inspect the tires of your car

Ensure that there are no bulges especially on the side wall of the tires. In case you have not bought new tires for your car in the past couple of years, examine the tread depth. As soon as you are sure about the tire tread, check the tire pressure. Ensure that the tire pressure is set to the exact numbers that are printed in the owner’s manual of your car or on the door jam of the driver. You can get the tires check with your own tire pressure gauge. You can easily purchase it at most gas stations and stores. You can get it checked at the air pump installed at the gas station. Most gas stations are equipped with a proper built-in gauge.

Check the breaks of your car

If you find it difficult to reckon the last time you got the car breaks replaced, or if you have experienced any weird sound or noticed any vibrations while you push on the brake pedal, ensure that you get your car breaks inspected before you start with your road trip. Check for the measurement of brake pads as well as get a brake fluid test done.

Examine the lights

Properly check the brake lights, interior and blinkers lighting, and headlights of your car. Faulty lights can be very dangerous. They can have a bad impact on your visibility. In addition, other motorists may probably have a hard time gauging their distance from you or being able to see you. Moreover, there are chances that you can be pulled over by the traffic authorities if your car lights are not working well.

Don’t forget to give yourself a clear view. When you drive, it is important that you have clear visibility. Make sure that your visibility doesn’t get hindered due to any reason. Inspect your windshield for cracks, ensure that your windows are clean, the mirrors are set at a correct angle, and if the wiper blades are working at their best. You must replace your wiper blades every six-12 months. Also, check if the defroster is functioning adequately. Give yourself some peace of mind; schedule a thorough check-up before you hit the roads.

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