Over the last 2-3 decades, we have seen exponential growth in the automobile sector. With improvements in the standard of living, people are buying cars not only for personal use but also for professional use. But with the constant rise in fuel prices, use of cars has started to burn a hole in the pocket. People are unaware of the fact that they can easily save as much as 30% of their spending on fuel by following some very effective methods. Here are 7 ways to increase your fuel economy:

1. Keep the tires inflated

In order to improve the fuel efficiency of your car, you must periodically check your tire pressure. It has been seen that when tires get 8 psi lower than normal, the rolling frequency of it increases by around 5% resulting in lower miles per gallon.

2. Change air filters

One of the simplest ways of enhancing fuel efficiency is by carrying out regular servicing of your car in accordance with the manufacturer’s manual. In that, you’ll observe that they highly recommend changing air filters as recurrently as possible especially if you drive in polluted areas.

3. Stick to the car’s speed limit

Each and every vehicle has its own optimal speed range that enhances fuel efficiency. It’s always advisable to stick to the speed limit. Though it may seem to you that driving faster saves time and thus improves miles per hour value, it actually leads to consumption of more fuel.

4. Take advantage of the cruise control

It has been observed that driving with cruise control especially in highways can save as much as 6% in fuel consumption. Going at a constant speed with cruise control also keeps your urge for speeding in check and save yourself from a potential speeding ticket.

5. Use synthetic engine oils

Usage of engine fuel additives along with friction modifier helps to achieve the optimum engine performance of your car thereby saving fuel to a certain extent.

6. Avoiding carrying unnecessary items

The more items you carry inside your car, the more fuel it will consume. It has been observed that people tend to leave heavier items in the boot of the car without realizing that they have an adverse effect on fuel consumption. In fact, 100 lbs of weight above normal have the capability to reduce your car’s MPG by around 1%.

7. Make sure the engine is always in optimal state

Since fuel efficiency is directly dependent on the state of the engine, you must make sure to regularly perform engine-check. With the advent of computer controlled fuel injection, it has become easier to tune up the engine for the increase in power as well as fuel efficiency.
A well-maintained car has always had a better fuel economy than other ones. Regular servicing not only enhances fuel economy but also make sure small niggles are sorted out before causing harm to the normal functionality of the car. Nothing can be more fuel efficient than using the car only for urgent works thereby saving money as well as the environment!

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