Mining & Energy

Everglide’s mining and energy applications products contain our innovative complex nanoparticles (Moly-Graphene), which reduce friction and wear while providing excellent protection to lubricated parts. Mining Most of these machines work under extremely harsh conditions, resulting in significant equipment wear, which in turn causes a reduction in significantly lower vehicle performance, breakdowns, costly service requirements and lower fuel efficiency. Everglide lubricants and greases are formulated to handle extreme pressure, friction and wear environments and extend the life of the equipment. Energy Power Generation Engines use EGC to prolong the life of the equipment and reduce service time. Sometimes these machines need servicing every 250-500 hours and any reduction in maintenance time helps reduce costs. In addition, the oil treatment helps boost power generation. Oil & Gas Drilling This industry is characterized by heavy duty equipment use and extreme pressure environments. Continuous friction causes wear of essential mechanical parts, leading to decline in machine performance and reliability, delay in operations, shorter service cycles and higher maintenance requirements. This is especially critical for an industry operating under high operational costs.

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