In the past 10 years nanotechnology draw big interest in lubricating market.

Despite of hundreds of proven data that nanotechnology works in various applications from cosmetics to space there are numerous companies that are using “nano” as a buzz word purely for marketing purposes that misleads customer and creates lots of confusions. Nanotechnology several years ago came to more conservative lubrication market and there appeared several “nano” miracle oil treatments.

In order to win customers many oil additive/treatment companies making claims that are breaking laws of physics and are simply absurd. So how to identify false nano product or new era “snake oil” from legit high tech product? There are many signs, but we will concentrate on most obvious and ridiculous. So here is top 5 “NANO snake oil” chart:

  1. -“Proprietary or specially engineered nano techonoly or particles. We won’t tell you what it is but surely this nano technology is used in most toughest space applications. Extreme conditions. Extreme performance. Extreme science” No information on what this product is based on, what kind of particles and what is this technology. Nothing more than magic word “NANO” – which by the way is just a definition of size. Thus if company does not provide anything but bombarding with marketing buzz words – most likely this is new era “snake oil”.
  2. – “Our product reduces fiction up to 10 times. Revolutionary nanotechnology”. So basically they claim that they got almost 0 friction additive. Well, I guess we got a winner – thanks to him we can build a machine that will work indefinitely without energy source. This is truly “revolutionary” scam.
  3. -“Our unique nano technology will increase the life of the oil more than 5-10 times. Forget about changing your oil every 10000 miles. With our extreme science available to you, your oil can last for 40000 miles and over”. Really?!? There are known additives that are boosting the life of the oil. Those additives are called TBN (total base number) boosters. Depending on the type and quality of the original oil TBN booster can increase the life up to 3 times. Anything more than that usually is a scam.
  4. “We brought you revolutionary NANO treatment that is reversing wear”. This is one of my favorite ones. No comments!
  5. – “Our nanoparticles can penetrate the metal on the nano level”. There is no need to penetrate the metal, there is no need to change the metal composition. If those “scientists” would look on the metal surface under the microscope they would notice that it is not flat. Surface has asperities and irregularities both nano and micron size. To give good surface protection there is no need to penetrate the metal. It is important to create a protective layer on the surface and to do so effectively there is a need for combination of micron and nano size particles.

Let me give a short explanation on what NANO really is and how it works. Putting fancy words aside, nano – is a measure of size. It is one-billionth of a meter. Yes it is small! And yes at those levels materials do behave very  different from the same materials in macro scale. One of the benefits of using nanoparticles is to reduce the dosage. Since surface area of nanoparticles is big they can cover larger surfaces with less amounts. Nanoparticles do provide significant improvement on wear, friction and many other properties, but not just unknown nanoparticles. There are several well known ones that are used in lubrication industry. In my next articles you will find more details about each of them.

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